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Yak Privacy Policy


Yakware cares deeply about privacy and security. We have built our products so that you are in control of your data. We do not use any third party trackers or data collectors and we have built our platform on industry standard security, or better in some cases.

We collect certain data from you for the purposes of providing our services, payment processing, or to help us understand how you use the service so that we can improve it. We may also use some data with you consent for promoting our service, such as in testimonials.

This applies to all Yakware products, including our website as well as any purchases, subscriptions, or downloaded software.

Please read the policy carefully and contact us with any questions or requests for clarification you have by email at care@yak-mu.com.

Who we are?

This policy applies for Yakware registered in England (registration number # 12111006) at registered address 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

The data protection officer is: Michael Spellman and can be contacted at dataprotectionofficer@yakware.com.

What information do we collect?

IP Addresses: We store your IP address and request in our logs when you connect to our servers or access our webpage. This is used for both security purposes, preventing fraud, and for making sure our services are functioning properly and as expected.

Authentication, Preferences & Session Information: When you login to our services, we will store several cookies in your browser to 1. identify your current session so that you can view your account, 2. save any preferences you have, such as language preference and 3. enable us to anonymously identify your browser for collecting statistics and analytics on how our site is used to improve the services we provide. This is necessary for providing our site and services.

Name & Email Address: When you signup for your service we may collect your name and email address, this helps to identify you, recover your password if you have forgotten it, and enables us to communicate with you regarding our services. This is necessary for providing our site and services.

Payment Processing Information: When you subscribe to our service, you may be required to enter your billing information. This includes name, address, type of plan, and other details used by our payment processor (Stripe™) to complete the transaction and provide you service. We also use this information internally with our product (Yak Mu) to analyse our business revenue and to make business decisions.

Contact Forms: If you email us (care@yak-mu.com), call us, send a letter to us, or complete a contact form, we will collect necessary information in order to contact you (e.g. name, phone, number, email address, address).

Newsletters: If you subscribe to a newsletter for our products, then we will collect your name and email address to provide you the newsletter service.

Payment Processing and Financial Information: We do not store full financial or payment details on our site or servers. We use Stripe™, a PCI compliant payment processing, who handle and store the payment information and who handle the billing. We do use the last 4 digits of your card for identifying different cards in your account; we also store the country of origin of the IP address and card for charging and remitting VAT taxes.

Push Notification IDs: If you opt to receive push notifications from one of our apps, then we may store an identifier that is used to send these push notifications to your mobile device.

Any data added, imported, or created by you and stored in the account: We will store any information you import from your other accounts or data sources (such as Stripe™), created and added by you, such as uploaded files, information entered into form fields, and other input methods. This is necessary for providing the service to you.

How do we use personal information?

We use the personal information collected for these purposes:

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We believe strongly that you should be in control of your data. Our legal grounds under the GDPR for processing your data are 1. contract 2. legitimate interests and 3. consent and 4. to meet our legal obligations.

1. contract - we collect information necessary to provide services to you when you enter into any contracts with us, subscribe to one of our services, or create a free-trial account with us. This includes name, email address, and other personal information.

2. legitimate interests - we collect information necessary to ensure the proper functioning of our service, increase the usability of our service, or make business decisions by collecting data such as IP address, actions taken on our site, and other data used to connect to our service.

3. We may, by reaching out to you and obtaining your consent, use personal information for marketing purposes such as testimonials, etc.

4. We will collect, store, and use information to comply with our legal obligations and to help law enforcement in the event that we are required to do so under the law. This helps prevent things like fraud and to fulfill all legal obligations and any necessary taxes.

When do we share personal data?

We share information with other uses under the following circumstances:

Collaboration: Your information, such as your name, may be used if you choose to collaborate with other users, such as inviting other users to use collaborate on your data, collaborating on other users' data, commenting on posts, opting to make part of your data public, sending messages to other users, or by altering permissions for other users.

Third Party Integrations: If you opt to use third party integrations or connect accounts to third party services, then your data may be shared with those third parties to be used in providing that service to you.

Plugins, Widgets, and API: Any widgets or plugins which you install on your own site or other services and any data you access using the API to use elsewhere will be shared in order to provide those services.

Business Transfers - If we are acquired, in part or in whole, went out of business, or were declared bankrupt, we assets would be acquired by a third party. You acknowledge that in such an event, the acquirer of the assets may continue to process information under the conditions of this privacy policy.

Third Party Processors: In some cases we may use third party processors to provide business services to us, this includes accountancy, technical assistance in providing storage or hosting, payment processors, and email providers.

Law Enforcement: We may share information with law enforcement agencies in cases where we believe we have a legal requirement to comply.

Where do we store and process personal data?

We use servers provided by Hetzner, Vultr, and OVH; these servers are located in Germany, the UK, and Canada. These provide full, industry-standard physical security measures. Our servers run secure software and have restricted access to only those employees with a need for access.

How do we secure personal data?

Backups: our data is backed up in separate geographical areas on a separate provider to ensure against accidental loss.

All information access is restricted to only those employees with an immediate need for access.

All staff with access are trained in proper security methods and appropriate use of sensitive information.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Your personal information will be stored as long as necessary for providing our services to you.

You should also outline how you securely dispose of data after you no longer need it.

Your rights in relation to personal data

We are committed to your control over your information.

Access to Your Personal Information: You have access to your personal information in your account, including your email, name, and other information collected from you.

Correction and Deletion: In many cases, you are able to correct or delete information directly from your account; if there is other information you would like to correct or delete, please send an email to care@yak-mu.com and we will change it as soon as possible.

Withdrawal of Consent: For those activities requiring consent, please send an email to care@yak-mu.com with the details and we will make any needed changes as soon as possible.

Data Portability: We are committed to allowing you access to your information for your own purposes and not being locked into any one service. In many cases you can export data directly from the service interface, such as a CSV of analytics data. If you would like a copy of your data that is not provided in the application interface, please send an email to care@yak-mu.com with the details of which information you need and we will make our best efforts to comply with reasonable requests. We cannot comply with requests which would infringe on the rights of others in any case where their information would be necessary for export.

Restriction of Processing, Object: If you would like to exercise your right for restriction of processing, or objecting to certain types of processing, please send an email to care@yak-mu.com.

Lodging a Complaint with Information Commissioner's Office: You may have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office at "Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF", or at your country's data protection authority. Te UK ICO website is located at ico.gov.uk.

Notifications in the Event of a Breach: In the event of a breach of personal information, we will notify you as soon as possible and practical with the details at the email you have registered with us on the account.

Our primary verification method is by confirming your identity by the email registered with the account. Communications through your registered email enable us to verify your identity and have a record of requests and information processing.

Use of cookies and other technologies

We use cookies to provide authentication capabilities, store your local preferences (including language preference), and to enable anonymised data tracking for helping to diagnose errors, improve customer support, and for internal use in improving our interface and for analysis in business decisions. We provide an option for disabling internal tracking if you would like to remove it. The language cookie is only set if you opt for a language other than English. All other cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site.

Linking to other websites / third party content

We may link to other websites or third party content at times for your personal information, help content, or on our blog. We do not endorse any of the linked content, but do so purely because you may find it of interest or find it useful.

Users Under the Age of 16

We do not permit the use of our services, or storage of personal information, for those who are under the age of 16. If we become aware of the use of our services by, or storage of information for, users under the age of 16. All affected data will be removed immediately and without notice. If you are aware of any personal information on our services for those under the age of 16, please send us an email to care@yak-mu.com.

Changes to Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may need to make changes to this privacy policy. Any changes will be published on our site by modifying this privacy policy. We encourage you to check to stay current. If any major changes are made which would dramatically affect your rights, we will either send you an email or add a banner in the service to notify you.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy policy or any of our services, we encourage you to contact us by email at care@yak-mu.com.