YakDocs makes it easy to create templates, create interviews with questions to be answered, and then download finished documents with the information merged into the templates.

Interview creation is the start of a workflow.

  • Go to the Workflows page.
  • Click Create Workflow.
  • You will be prompted to enter the workflow name.

Then begin creating questions:

  • The button for Add Question is at the bottom of the page and creates a question at the end of the current page of questions.
  • The question label is in the first text area of the question.
  • The question id is in the second text area of the question, this is how you will refer to the variable in the Word template and in custom scripting.
  • The question type is in the dropdown select menu on the right of the question area. This will determine the type of field input the person creating the document will use for entering this variable's data.
  • The Required checkbox is the first checkbox and will determine whether this field must be entered before generating the documents.
  • The Multiple checkbox indicates that there may be multiple values for this question, and will allow the person generating the document to add additional inputs for this question.
  • The Conditional checkbox indicates that whether this question is shown depends on the answer to another question; checking this box will enable the Conditional editor to enter that logic.

Adding a Page

Pages help to organize questions that are similar together.

To add a new page, click Add Page above the questions area.

This will add a new tab and make it immediately active with a question automatically added.

To return to a previous page, simply click the tab associated with that page.

Conditional Editing

The structured editor allows you to enter logic easily using a structured set of inputs.

The first select box allows you to select which question variable the logic will depend on.

Once you have selected the variable, the second select box populates with types of checks you can do on that variable's value; such as Equals to check if the variable has an exact value that you specify, or Is Greater Than to check if a numeric field is greater than a value you specify.

When you have selected the type of comparison, use the next section to enter the value you want to compare the variable to. If you have selected a Date variable, then a Date input will let you easily enter a Date to compare against.

Custom Scripted Logic

The custom logic editor allows you to script more advanced logic than is available in the structured editor. It will have a single text box where you enter the script for logic; it must return a true/false value. Please see the Custom Scripting section of the Help for additional information.

Selecting Template Document Files

On the last tab of the workflow creation process, you will find a list of Templates you have previously uploaded, as well as a field to upload a new Template.

Select the templates that you wish to be produced for this workflow, and upload any new template that has not been previously uploaded.

Save the workflow, you are now ready to Generate documents using this workflow.